About Raspina

 About Raspina

About Company


Our company has a long history and a brilliant past and began its activity in 1989 and was initially focused on stationery and office supplies and in 1996 specializing with the name of  rezaei trading company to the field of mass import and export of paper.

  • Top Copy From BERGA company
  • From REYMAT companyFrom France
  • TIPAX from RIPAX CompanyFrom Brazil
  • NORDLAND companyFrom germany
  • ESHTERANZO companyFrom the Netherlands
  • COPIMAX from VOTORANTIMFrom Brazil
  • CRYSTAL PAPER and PAPERONE from April Company
  • EPAOER , PAPER LINE , B.L.C , GOLD , HIGH BRIGHTA.P.P different brands
  • NAVIGATORPortugal
  • CHAMEXBrazil
  • COPYLUXGermany
  • Roxel

start Importing paper

In 2009, our company has been importing off paper, copy paper with the formatoin of sheet and roll, bible and perfum paper with various grammar embossments.


Short break

But unfortunately because of irans sanctions we had been unable to continue our relationships with european countries and instead we start with big companies like: bilt/ t.n.p.l/ chenming/ margano/ i.t.c/ bayon/ roxel and etc


Flourishing and development

Currently, raspina trading is one of the exclusive representatives of the double a company in iran.Raspina trade company is the combination of expired companies named arj asia and safire hoshmand. our large company has proudly represented all the companies.Mentioned, in the market of iran and has played a key role in the country’s paper import basin. raspina t.c import 12,000 to 15,000 tons of paper per year.and this bright and brilliant way goes on…

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