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Roll Paper

When using a continuous strip of paper or a roll of paper, the total number of successive substrates will be the number of sheet and plate width of the successor of the sheet size.
The paper rolls can be cut and split only along the jambo reels on the large pulleys given by the paper making machine; therefore, the path of the roll or continuous paper is the same as the opening of the paper strip from the reels.

The maximum physical dimensions of the pulleys themselves are among the issues to be determined, since most printers with roller cars provide specifications that meet the requirements of their machine.
To send and transport paper, most of the rolls are packed with cut corrugated boxes in two rounds that protect the two ends of the pulley. The pulleys and cartons on both sides of it are also covered with plastic or kraft.
It is indicated on each roll of its paper weight and roll weight in kilograms, along with specifications indicating the destination and use of the paper.

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